KW SHARP is the leading municipal supply warehouse in the West Texas and Eastern New Mexico area

KW Sharp offers a wide range of products such as Smith Blair quantum couplings, full circle clamps, and tapping saddles; Master Meter wireless rf meters; Regal chlorinators and hi/low ejectors; A.Y. McDonald Brass; and East Jordan valves and hydrants.

For almost 40 years KW Sharp has provided quality parts and services for our customers. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff work hard to ensure that you get the best products at the best price possible. We have what it takes to supply your sewer and water needs.

We carry a large inventory on hand and offer quick one day delivery. We can supply a full line of fire hydrants, large diameter valves, meters, pipe, pipe fittings and much more. Plus we offer quality service and installation.

We distribute these quality product brands

products of KW Sharp

Dealer for Master Meter
Wireless RF Meters

master meter meter

Maximize your revenue stream across a wide range of small commercial applications with our Intermediate MS Multi-Jets and capture low flow readings where turbine meters fall short.

Regal Chlorinators

master meter meter

Direct-mount . . . the all vacuum REGAL gas chlorinator is the safest, most reliable way to be sure your water is bacteria free.

Smith Blair

When it's time to join pipe, try Smith-Blair's line of products that include: Quantum couplings, full circle clamps, tapping saddles, and compression couplings.